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Covid-19 vaccine to available by early 2021, says Health Minister

“Research to develop a vaccine is being done expeditiously. 3 vaccine candidates are in phase 3 of clinical trials right now. We are hopeful that within 1st quarter of 2021 it will be available,” Dr Harshvardhan said.



Close to 9 lakh persons coming from other countries screened for coronavirus: Dr Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi: As the world hunts for a potential vaccine against the Coronavirus pandemic, with many in advanced stage of clinical trials, the Union Health Minister today said that the first vaccine in the country will most likely be available by early 2021.

In a media briefing, Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “Research to develop a vaccine is being done expeditiously. There are at least 3 viable such vaccine candidates that are in the phase of clinical trials right now in the country. We are hopeful that within 1st quarter of 2021 it will be available.”

Meanwhile, Corona count continues to rise with more than 80,000 cases being reported on daily basis. Till date, the Covid-19 tally stands at 60-lakh mark.

AstraZeneca ahead in COVID-19 vaccine race, says WHO

Vaccine portal launched

Meanwhile, an online portal has been launched which will provide information regarding Covid-19 vaccine research, launch date and much more about the pandemic and means to fight it.

“An online portal about COVID-19 vaccine has been launched. Everyone will be able to go online to that portal and look up all contemporary research-development and clinical trials related information. It will also provide information about other vaccinations provided in the country,” Dr Harsh Vardhan told mediapersons.

Coronavirus vaccines are moving towards clinical trials

Dr Harsh Vardhan also released the 100-year timeline history of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) at the premises of the institution.

“Today’s a historic day for ICMR. It’s an honour for me to release the 100-year timeline of the history of ICMR within its premises today. The contribution of scientists associated with it is commemorated and serves as an inspiration to upcoming scientists,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.