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Guntur Collector’s brazen act on camera, ordered arrest of doctor for raising question on Covid beds

Guntur District Collector Samuel Anand got furious when doctor raised questions over bed shortage at Covid facilities and ordered police personnel to arrest Dr Somla Naik under the disaster management act.




Guntur collector orders doctor's arrest

New Delhi: In a brazen act of abuse of power in Andhra Pradesh, the Guntur collector ordered the suspension and arrest of a doctor who raised the issue of shortage of beds for Covid-19 patients.

The incident happened at Narsaraopet Town Hall on Thursday when the Collector was holding a review meeting with medical officers over the spurt in Corona cases in the region.

In video that went viral, the Collector is heard saying, “What nonsense, how dare he call me. Arrest him immediately.”

Dr Somlu Naik, a Medical Officer working at Nandendla Primary Healthcare Centre, pointed out the shortage of beds.

But, this irked the Guntur District Collector Samuel Anand so much, that he ordered police personnel to arrest Dr Somla Naik under the disaster management act for raising valid questions during the meeting.

Samuel Anand Kumar - Guntur District collector

DM losing his cool and ordering the District Medical Health Officer (DMHO) to arrest Dr Somlu was caught on camera.

Sources said that the Collector first contradicted the concern raised by Dr Naik by saying, “This was not true.” He asked if the concern was raised before the District Medical Health Officer (DMHO).

When Dr Naik quietly tried to take his seat in the auditorium of the Town Hall, the Collector, who is only heard and cannot be seen in the video, said: “What nonsense. Where is this doctor from? Take him away and arrest him. How dare he asks me – who am I? Arrest him under disaster management sections. Take him away.”

Collector gets brickbats on social media

Soon after the video landed on social media, the Twitterati took strong exception to Collector’s conduct at the review meet. One said, “Abolish the IAS, they are doing more harm than good.”

Few others demanded that IAS officers Association to come forward and condemn the shameful act.

Andhra Pradesh doctors association has also condemned the blatant misuse of power by top bureaucrat.

TDP leader N Lokesh criticized collector’s rough behaviour towards a ‘tribal’ officer.