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Smriti Irani avoids questions over rising fuel prices, cooking gas by Congress leader in Delhi-Guwahati flight

Congress leader D’Souza asked the questions on inflation from union minister Smriti Irani on a Delhi-Guwahati flight.





New Delhi: Union Minister Smriti Irani is going viral in a video for avoiding the questions of a Congress leader regarding inflation. Congress leader asked the questions from the minister in a Delhi-Guwahati flight. The video is being widely shared on social media.

Congress leader Ms D’Souza asks questions

Notably, Smriti Irani is currently serving as the Minister of Women and Child Development in the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. During the flight, Congress Netta D’Souza found Irani traveling in the flight. Then, she decided to ask a few questions about the rising prices of LPG, and fuel prices in India. Meanwhile, she also recorded the video.

In the video, one can watch the minister did not answer any questions. Countering the D’Souza move, Irani also personally started recording her video.

Later, D’Souza shared the video on her Twitter account. She wrote, ”Faced Modi Minister Smriti Irani ji, en route to Guwahati. When asked about the unbearable Rising prices of LPG, she blamed Vaccines, Raashan & even the poor! Do watch the video excerpts, on how she reacted to common people’s misery!”

Watch the viral video here:

So far, the video received over 1,000 retweets and 2000 likes.

Smriti Irani says don’t lie

In the video, Ms Irani can also be heard saying to D’Souza ”blocking the way”. On high price of cooking gas, Ms Irani said, ”please don’t lie.”

In another frame, the minister said she accused the Congress leader of ‘accosting’ her.

D’Souza is currently the acting President of the Mahila Congress. Earlier, she served as Secretary at the Indian Youth Congress.