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Uttar Pradesh: Transport Corp runs checking campaign in October, earns over Rs 32.5 lakh




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Lucknow, November 20: The Yogi government is consistently implementing measures to transform state departments that previously incurred losses under previous administrations into entities that generate surplus revenue. This ongoing initiative is yielding positive results, as these departments have not only successfully overcome financial challenges but have also emerged as revenue-surplus entities.

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As part of this strategy, the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation consistently conducts revenue collection and investigation campaigns to address issues such as ticketless travel and improper bookings for goods. In line with these efforts, enforcement personnel from the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation conducted inspections in October. This proactive action resulted in the department generating an impressive revenue of Rs 32,58,385 within a single month.

Principal Manager (Personnel) of the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation, Ashok Kumar, stated that, as per the intention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, several steps were taken to recover the Transport Corporation from losses. As a result, the corporation has gained significant profits in the past six and a half years. For this purpose, regular inspections of the corporation’s buses are conducted through a strategically formed Sumo squad and interceptors at the headquarters level.

In October, the Transport Corporation inspected its buses 1,16,834 times. During the inspection, a total of 4,901 passengers were found traveling without tickets, and 172.4 tons of unauthorized loads were seized. The department collected revenue of Rs 32,58,385 through the actions taken by the inspection team. Additionally, alcohol tests were conducted on 8,420 drivers and conductors during this period.