Internet can’t keep calm: Gymnast Parul Arora does gravity-defying backflips in a saree (Video)

When a gymnast does flips in a saree. WATCH the Video…here

Avatar Written by January 9, 2021 11:46

New Delhi: Parul Arora has taken the internet by storm once again with her jaw-dropping and gravity-defying backflips in a saree.

The gymnastic prowess wearing a saree and her videos have gone viral earlier as well.

A video has been doing the rounds on Twitter that has stunned the netizens beyond belief. It was posted on Twitter by an author named Aparna Jain.

Donning a beautiful lavender-colored saree, she does the stunt in beautifully.

Parul Arora is a national gold medal-winning gymnast who has made her place in social media for her many backflip videos that show her landing on her feet without breaking a sweat.



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