Other foods including guava, watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, and sweet red pepper also contain lycopene, but in much lower concentrations compared to tomatoes.

Thunderstorm with hail is predicted for Sunday too and a generally cloudy sky with light rain or drizzle has been forecast for Monday, March 4, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Changes in calcium and iron levels, particularly in desserts, is a positive development since these nutrients are important for good bone mass and preventing anaemia.

Not only that, another spell of thundershowers and rain are also expected over Delhi and National Capital Region on March 2 and 3. The rain will occur because of fresh Western Disturbance approaching the northern hills and its induced cyclonic circulation affecting the northern plains

Furthermore, women who worked 55 or more hours a week and/or who worked most/every weekend had the worst mental health of all, with significantly more depressive symptoms than women working standard hours.

VOT also supported daily dosing, was effective for socially complex populations and had a lower drop-out rate than DOT.

Owners high in negative emotions rated their dogs as more fearful, active and less responsive to training.

According to Skymet Weather, recent rains and flow of northwesterly winds have majorly improved the level of pollution in the last 24 hours. As a result, pollution has been upgraded to ‘moderate and satisfactory’ level over most places.

Exercise not only keeps your metabolism going but also helps sustain the pressures of life. If you are finding it difficult to keep pace with the shift-based job, exercise can of great help.