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EXPLAINED: Types Of Extramarital Affairs And Why




New Delhi: The word “extramarital affairs” is not new if your are reading this right now. But did you know there are several types of extramarital affairs that married people have? We will today tell you about the different kinds of extramarital affairs.

The first question that comes to you mind is “Why is somebody who is married need to have an affair outside marriage? ”

Well, to have a happy married life there needs to be several things that needs to be put together for it to function smoothly, like love for each other-love is comprised of sex drive,  romantic love between the partners and third is the attachments between the partners.

According to Ramon Llamba, life and soul coach, she said different people have different reactions to extra marital affairs.

For some may look for self reassurance, some to kill boredom, release stress, some to enjoy sex, and some may simply want to take revenge from their partners by doing so.

Long distance relationship

Check out some of the types and reasons behind “extramarital affairs”

1. Emotional extramarital affair

According to a survey by Simply Hired, it is said that emotional extramarital affair could be nothing more but when someone shares a special emotional bond with another individual. Generally this emotional affair begins at workplace with their colleagues working in the same office or team, because this is the place that you spend most of the time. Also, the affairs may or may not be of sexual interest, but it’s about getting or being emotionally attached.

2. Romance with attachment

Such affairs cannot be hidden for a longer period of time, and people can definitely judge you that there is a third person apart from you spouse. This kind of affairs make you believe that you are in love with this person. There comes a time that you fail to control yourself and may express your feelings.

3. One night stand

Nothing is accidental, it happens because you made it happen or you allowed it. You may hear people saying it was the Heat of the moment, it happened with the flow, I was drunk and out of control- these are part of the backdrop of an “accidental” affair. In such kind of affair there is no emotional attachment.

4. Love affair

Love affairs out of the marriage happens when the married partner feels that they are married to the wrong person and wants to run away from their partner. Such affairs could be both emotional as well as sexual.