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Watch Video: Momo with ‘gajar ka halwa’ is striking surprise among the netizens; See reactions here

The video shows a man making a giant momo and putting gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, and kalakand in the stuffing.

New Delhi: Momo is one of the favourite snacks people feed upon. The soft dumplings and the stuffing inside them please the tastebuds of several people every season.

However, food experts love experimenting with food. They mix and mingle different items and come up with authentic items. Some of the experiments come out to be a hit while some become a disaster.

One of the unexpected recipes for a momo surfaced on the internet. The video shows a man making a giant momo and putting gajar ka halwagulab jamun, and kalakand in the stuffing.

Watch the video here:

The video went viral since the time of its share. The video was shared on Twitter and garnered more than 52,000 views. 

In the past, people have experimented with momos quite a number of times. Recently, chef Ranveer Brar introduced ice-cube momo, which was a massive hit.

However, these gajar ka halwa momos have not been liked by many of the netizens. Some even slammed the maker for doing such a disastrous experiment. One of the users wrote, “Gajar ka halwa? Good!..Gulab Jamun?…Good!..Laddoo? Good!..All inside a momo?? Benefit of the doubt….The finishing touch with chocolate sauce dip?..nope too much!…I’ll be right back after puking,” while another added, “I would not eat this for the love of God!”

See some of the reactions here:

On the other hand, some users expressed their enthusiasm about tasting the “sweet momos” hoping that they would not be bad in taste.