air pollution

The SAFAR has advised the sensitive groups to avoid all physical activity outdoors and to keep medicine handy if they are asthmatic.

The maximum temperature in the capital will be 23 degrees Celcius and the minimum will be 8 degrees Celcius.

The participants' data were linked to air pollution measures for their home addresses, from the Small Area Health Statistics Unit, with the researchers focusing on fine particulate matter (equal or less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter, or PM2.5).

The PM 10 levels were slightly better at Lodhi Road, docking in at 135 which falls in the 'moderate' category while the PM 2.5 remained 'poor' at 235.

In adjoining Noida, PM10 pollutants were at 291 while PM2.5 pollutants decreased to 291. According to Center-run SAFAR, Vasundhara and Ghaziabad had an AQI of 196 while Pusa's AQI was 202.

The increase in the toxic air in and around Delhi is causing problems for the residents, making them fall into a pit of lung-related diseases and also cardiovascular diseases.

Today, the overall air quality of Delhi was recorded at 218, with PM 10 at 155 and PM 2.5 at 67. People of the city expressed happiness over the improved air quality. "The pollution levels have definitely come down. The air is much cleaner today," said a resident of the city.

The AAP criticised the former cricket star for not attending the meeting, saying he was "busy enjoying" in Indore, at a time when Delhi was reeling under severe air pollution levels.

Locals especially the middle-aged people complained of breathless and fatigue and have urged the government to take requisite measures to combat the menace.

The meeting was supposed to discuss measures to deal with the on-going health emergency in Delhi, on 15th November.