Astrology 2020

The ongoing healing patterns are always a matter of the heart, and an uplifting of the connected soul presence. Today, let’s unite to make this a love filled world, full of happiness and rejoice in knowing that we are all interconnected.

The world is a noisy place, living in it, many of us think we are immune to the negative effects; on the contrary your nerves can be jumbled and you can become more irritable thinking of the unhealed consequences.

Today you must be blunt and honest with yourself, assess where you stand today, hear the inner whisperings and move towards higher listening.

Experiencing life and activating the memories of our past life; making new connections to this and other worlds, we are always getting ready to reincarnate a new vision of our real self.

Healing is about acknowledging that one will not always be happy and all bad moods and negative emotions can and will be healed automatically and spontaneously.

Enjoying the unexpected, even if we did not want it originally, and in the process motivating those around us with our positive attitude.

Heal for purity of the intellect, the mind and the heart, which eventually lead the healer to happiness and fulfilment in life.

So develop your mind, soul and body in equal measure to understand the aim and objectives of life and heal accordingly.

Healing remains in the heart of the steadfast seeker of pure mind and actions. Healing is the desire fulfilling ocean flowing to all beings.

Healing hugs of great delight. Love from the deepest gratitude for sharing life experiences with the light.