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The Railway Board chairman said that demand of originating States for Shramik Special trains is gradually coming down.

On May 25, 223 Shramik specials were ferrying 2.8 lakh passengers, Indian Railways informed. Meanwhile, Indian Railways has made many arrangements to ensure people's safe journey during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Attacking the Maharashtra government Piyush Goyal said that the "state government needs to work hard and bring things under control soon".

Railways has developed a Rail Milk Tank Van with a carrying capacity of 44,660 litres of milk, 12 per cent more than the earlier van.

The Indian Railways will start operations of 200 passenger trains apart from Shramik trains which are being run to help migrants reach their homes.

An average of 260 passenger trains were run in the last four days. There are plans to run 2,600 trains in the next 10 days and we will be able to take 36 lakh more people to their destinations.

The train, which began from Maharashtra’s Vasai Road for Gorakhpur lost track overnight and instead reached Rourkela,

According to the Railways, all bogies will have reserved seating including the General Coach. The tickets for these special passengers trains can be booked online on the IRCTC website or on its app.

India has become the sixth country in the world to join the elite club of producing high horsepower locomotive indigenously. It is the first time that high horsepower locomotive has been operationalised on broad gauge track in the world.

Sceptical report dented some hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine and concerns about a quick global recovery from the pandemic returned.