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Revealing how, after being called out, a lot of perpetrators were apologizing, Aiyoobrows stood up for the very trauma that the culprits had put girls of her age through several years of college.

The letter said that it shocks the conscience of any right-thinking member of society to see that schoolgoing boys are indulging in "borderline paedophilia and misogynistic behaviour" and are using social media platforms to perpetrate crimes against women and propagate rape culture.

They show members of the group - said to be students from some of Delhi's top schools - posting photos of teenage girls without their consent along with comments too crude to be reproduced.

For the ‘Corona feast’, they brought rice, meat and other ingredients at a farmland in Veeranam region. They cooked the food there and feasted sitting close to each other.

Messenger Rooms will roll out in some countries this week and will expand to the rest of the world in the coming weeks, the official company blog stated.

The findings show the dangers of people getting their news from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, said study author George Pearson, a senior lecturer and research associate in communication at The Ohio State University.

These fake Twitter and Facebook accounts use real photos of constitutional authorities and eminent citizens and therefore, common man relies upon the messages published from these Twitter and Facebook accounts, the plea said.

About 53.3 million people follow Narendra Modi on Twitter, 44 million on Facebook while his Instagram account has 35.2 million followers.

On Sunday, Kohli was seen fired up on the second day of the Test match and celebrated animatedly on the dismissals of Kane Williamson and Tom Latham. One incident went viral on social media as the Indian skipper was allegedly seen using expletives towards the crowd.