According to The Verge, a code discovered in the latest version of the Samsung camera app reveals that new camera modes including Night Hyperlapse, Vertical Panorama, Single Take Photo, and Custom Filter options are in the making.

Along with Isaias Afwerki, the President of Eritrea, this year's Peace Laureate Abiy Ahmed quickly worked out the principles of a peace agreement to end the long "no peace, no war" stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Many appreciated Chakraborty’s effort, several others applauded the melodious voice of Pranjit Haloi.

Recently, crocodiles were also spotted in Vadodara, following flash floods in Gujarat. The Vadodara forest department rescued crocodiles from residential areas after the water receded in areas around the city.

Eleven current and past moderators believe that popular creators often get special treatment in the form of relaxed guidelines prohibiting demeaning speech, bullying and other forms of graphic content. However, YouTube denied these claims, saying it enforces rules equally.

The company does not have plans to compete with flagship smartphones from top players such as the iPhone or Galaxy phones. The focus is instead on Smartisan's existing customer base in China.

As soon as a traffic constable stops them the lady jumps from the pillion and starts arguing with the police constable, constantly pushing the cop backward to get him out of way of the vehicle. When the constable takes out the key of the two-wheeler to stop them from running, the lady hits the cop with her mobile and snatches back the key, hitting his hand with her mobile.

The reports circulating in media against me are wrong. My daughter has the right to take her own decisions. No threats to her were made by me or from anyone in my family. We are busy with our work. May she be happy wherever she is," said the BJP leader

A video of the incident, which is now viral on social media, purportedly shows a group of men attacking the family's male members with sticks, even as women plead for them to stop.