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WATCH: Chilean President makes speech after plebiscite, little kid dressed as Superman encircles him on cycle

Ayushi Sikarwar




New Delhi: A little Superman crashed Chilean president Gabriel Boric’s address post a constitutional plebiscite as he encircles the latter on his tiny bike.

According to the news agency Reuters, Boric was giving the speech after casting his vote in the plebiscite, calling on his fellow citizens of Chile to vote for a new Constitution, which was ultimately rejected by an overwhelming majority.

The clip was recorded last week, as a little boy dressed as Superman stole all the attention according to local outlet 24 Horas. The child wearing a red cap and a blue superhero attire was seen arriving at the sight out of blue and hitting the central stage on his blue-colored balance bike.

After his first round across the stage, he stops for a moment to look at President Boric, and then continues with his rounds around him on his bike oblivious of his surroundings.


A user named David Adler shared the clip on Twitter with caption, “Superman encircles Gabriel Boric after he submits his vote in today’s plebiscite”.

The hilarious video soon went viral on social media leaving users in splits and has garnered over 1.33 lakh views on Twitter.

Here’s how netizens celebrated the video with witty comments and memes