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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (July3)

Freedom from all guilt!

Message of the day

As we continue to rest in the heart of the healing light with our complete consciousness of devotion, the wisdom in the heart and the mind is positive and awakening. We recognise and reflect and then we rest in the process of creating a different perspective of healing for the self and our world. Those of us who have already accomplished the process of healing, need only to share it with the people and the world around us. All healers are spontaneous in their healing actions and are not concerned with who or what or when they have to heal. All the teachings, the methods, the instructions and the instruments of wisdom are healing them and awakening them further to heal more. Because of the stability of the practice, healers are compassionately flowing with the radiant presence of the light and unconditionally healing all. Healing hugs of great light. Love from the greatest compassion.

Do I willingly share the light?
Supreme practitioners have left the path of the light for us to follow. We need only to rest in the heart of this light.