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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (July4)

Freedom from all guilt!

Message of the day

We must always treat ourselves with great respect and love, and shine with the radiance of the heart. Remember that you are the greatest gift to this world, and wherever you go, you are taking the gift of the healing light with you. Offer this light to everyone you meet as a priceless gift as no one knows and no one expects what happens next. People witness the miracles of the healing light and think they all happen by chance. Accomplished healers and practitioners of the healing light are always reminded by the light to heal on with commitment and continuity. Focus on things that need healing, and fix the gaze on the problems surrounding the people who are looking for sustenance. Know that the light flows quite naturally and heals all in the now and finally help people attain enlightenment. Healing hugs of perfection. Love from the flow and the ebb of the light.

Do I willingly share the light?
We shall never forget. Everywhere we go, the light reminds us and the whole community heals with us.