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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (September 28)

The key to developing a more open heart filled with compassion and courage to heal




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The Retreat Begins!

Meditations on the Self.

It is the healing action done with an open and good heart that naturally brings us to one pointed action of healing. Today, simply keep your attention pinned down upon all that you are healing, moving with the healing light, focused and steady. The key to developing a more open heart filled with compassion and courage to heal, is to connect to the huge potential of power, become consistent, and channel the light more willingly. If parallel rays of light are channeled, they will heal everyone or anything or everything with love and light, but if the same amount of light going through all the chakras merges and flows with collective consciousness, from the heart, then the light has the power to cut through hardened karma, and install forgiveness to deepen the connection. Healing hugs of centered calmness. Love from the ocean of great emotional balance.


Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. “I am willingly collaborating with the universe and healing all.”
  2. “I demonstrate that I trust the universe by sending out more healing.”
  3. “I am so thankful that I have charity, I trust all the healing paths.”

As we awaken to the reality of our soul consciousness, the findings of the science fraternity bringing us closer to the body and brain conjoining with the healing to bulletproof our selves and our life from all future negative attacks. Just connect to your life in the now and live this day well.

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