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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (July 1)

Aura Guidance for 01.07.2022 (all 12 signs)



Horoscope - Astrology

1. Aries

“Charging ahead with your workforce may have the power to upset you. Others will be pleased with their generosity and try to push you into a corner because of your attitude. Finances were not completely done but today you will need to pay attention to completing all bank work.”

2. Taurus

“New beginnings will have plenty of opportunities to increase your finances. There are many people in your environment that support your ideas but you need to rethink some of them to make a change in your life. There are plenty of opportunities ahead for you to come back to work with renewed confidence.”

3. Gemini

“Start the day with a thorough thought of all that you have to complete. Evaluate all that needs to be done and portion off some of the responsibilities that will be done for you today by your friend. To turn things around you have to love people, which you have done plenty.”

4. Cancer

“Be directly in tune with the work plans and you could end up being the pivotal figure who will put everything in place. The general mood is completely at peace but there could be some family undercurrents. Updating your skills will help you feel better about yourself.”

5. Leo

“Happy and exhilarating experiences will leave you blissful and satisfied. You are completely immersed in a time when your path becomes more and more unusual. You will intuitively live in your inner heart and your energy will be flowing through your aura body to manifest your spiritual consciousness.”

6. Virgo­­­

“Be patient with your heart desires and compassion for wellness will awaken. You can come back to your workplace with a great new plan and please everyone, but the work still has to be completed. Be direct if you have a problem and surely you will also find the solution.”


“Challenges in your emotional body may put you in an aggressive mood, but, there are plenty of opportunities to help your success along. The collective community around you is coming together to help you in your plan. Be calm and show solidarity with the group as a whole.”

8. Scorpio

“You are in a strong position to protect your band and position and others are looking out for your reputation. Someone will play a more dominant role and keep you out of the limelight. A good time for the completion of property papers or transactions. With a little bit of effort, you could end up being in a very strong relationship with the people who matter.”

9. Sagittarius

“You may not get the funds for your personal luxuries, but the time you spend with the people will inspire you to be positive. Yes, absolutely there is a need to move ahead and do the things that you aspire for. Work-related travel plans are also indicated. Enjoy your day.”

10. Capricorn


“Presence of some people has the power to make you restless, and this does not bode well for your work. You will be spending some time reconnecting with old friends and making important social connections. Someone of the opposite sex will play a dominating role and leave you tired and aggressive.”

11. Aquarius


“Your words carry the effect you want. You tend to select what you want, but you tend to have leanings towards doing things that are out of the box. You will be truly happy if you let family take the lead in making decisions connected to celebrations and family togetherness.”

12. Pisces

“The people you interact with today will teach you something valuable and also help you make a very important decision that will stand you in good stead. A financial agreement will continue to work for your success and prosperity. This is a good time to resurrect your career.”