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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (May 10)




Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 11.05.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“Carrying anger against a friend is only spoiling your health. Love interests are fading and a serious relationship is unfolding for some of you. Gathering the courage to address the future plans is easy but sticking to your routine is looking difficult today. Meditate and chant “OM” for balance and happiness.”

2. Taurus

“Creating some social media hype is easy but being real is difficult. Change your attitude towards the end of the day and you will be happy with the life circumstances. Happenings in the office are bothering a lot of people, gossip is essentially the tool to vent but it could be detrimental to your spiritual consciousness.”

3. Gemini

“Belonging to a tribe is your need but others around you travel best alone. Find your intrinsic value and know that you are also good. Someone may need a loan and you will be helping and willing. International news and travel are making you happy. Relax with family as time is needed for all the people who love you.”

4. Cancer


“Spearheading a great intellectual event is on the cards and participation is recognised. As is with a recipe, when one ingredient is missing then the flavour of the fish changes, as is with life, it changes, and thus it is ending up being disturbed. Rethink your strategy.”

5. Leo

“The results of your actions are changing at the last minute and bringing with them delay and anguish. So, change your actions and your mind to change your attitude towards your relationships, especially with yourself and your work. The finances are looking up with the investments that you have made.”

6. Virgo

“Harnessing the good values of your childhood experiences will inspire others to achieve success in your life circumstances and both will gain from the experience. The generous streak in your personality is appreciated by all who interact with you.”

7. Libra

“It will be reasonably well to say that you are opening yourself to new possibilities. You will accomplish something meaningful today that is very valuable to your heart desires which come true. Challenges with the cash flow will also evaporate. Be happy.”

8. Scorpio

“As a rule, you are an extremely tolerant and compassionate person when it comes to doing things for others. A clearing process is complete with the house, and a new pattern of behaviour is unfolding for social upliftment and happiness with family and friends.”

9. Sagittarius


“You can make a huge difference in your family by accepting their love and care and reciprocating with joy. Everyone wants to see you happy. Create a new frontier for wellness and success and prosperity will flow for all. The energies of the house are also moving towards betterment.”

10. Capricorn

“You have a strong presence socially and you need to use your presence and your voice to spearhead a new direction of thought. Many of you will do some social work that brings satisfaction. Affirm that you are happy and you will be. The world around you is envious and you are looking at people and thinking that they are better than you.”

11. Aquarius

“Listen to good advice and follow through. You will be happy today with the way your life is going. There are some impediments in increasing your happiness but finally it cannot hinge on how much money you can spend. Harness good relationships and keep anger at bay.”

12. Pisces

“Having a lot of people around you does not show that you are picture perfect, they have to be loving and you have to be bonded. Move away from pretence and include yourself in the family and then there will be continued togetherness with the people who love you. Very strong success is seen in your work life.”

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