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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (May 29)

There is a sense of secrecy in your aura and this could make people unhappy and insecure in your presence.

1. Aries

“As you transition into the best phase of your professional career and the changes ahead, know that you are loved and respected. The planets are very favourable and your aura is very strong for getting a windfall from a business transaction long forgotten. Recent interactions with an elder could lead to conflict and misunderstandings.”

2. Taurus


“Beneficial for your health and happiness will be the act of listening to your inner heart. Keep an eye out for making sure that you do not have a responsibility on your head that you can do well without. You are being treated well but you want something completely different.”

3. Gemini

“Knowledge of the world and an interest in general knowledge drive you in your profession, especially your management and understanding sales. Threats of incompetency are looming large and could impact the way you think and the way you grow the business. Be prepared to assist an elder and feel validated.”

4. Cancer


“Harnessing your intelligence will help you get better at the work in hand, making the right decisions. Leaving old thought patterns behind is also very strongly aligning with your inner strength and decision making. There is a sense of secrecy in your aura and this could make people unhappy and insecure in your presence.”

5. Leo

“Aggravating the mood of another or showing aggression in a dwindling financial situation will only lead to more helplessness. Make the effort to make your decisions for yourself and help others to feel comfortable with what you do for them. Refrain from over extending your help.”

6. Virgo

“Expansion of the world of commerce around you is setting the stage for you to also delve into a deeper understanding of the future markets and systematic investments. Investigate the situation with the intentions of others involved in the decision making process. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you and deviate you from your chosen path.”

7. Libra


“Very strong vibrations of heart consciousness and healing are flowing through your aura but people could also end up manipulating you. So be warned. You are falling in love with life and it is definitely going well. Choosing to stay connected to an old romantic relationship could be the wrong decision. Blessings.”

8. Scorpio

“The light of a rejoicing is seen which brings good tidings. An international investor or a strong business opportunity will come forth to excite you today. You are becoming more popular so make the most of it. Winning ways are unfolding and you will be rewarded with happiness and prosperity.”

9. Sagittarius

“Arguing with an elder or senior at work will only bring you heartache and disrepute. Just staying silent and alone is the motto today. A methodical approach to choosing and achieving your life path, leaves you successful and also revising your plans and goals at every turning success brings complete happiness.”

10. Capricorn


“As you move towards a revolutionary union with a new professional relationship, know that the story is just beginning. Relationships have not been easy and you are completely becoming a worrier. You are very special to the family and your finances are very supportive towards an investment that leaves you satisfied.”

11. Aquarius

“Hanging on to the truth of your heart desires and the view of life from the outside, you could trick yourself into believing something which is not true. A completely different plan for the evening and expectations from others will keep you from moving forward towards what you want and need.”

12. Pisces

“Generosity of happiness and joy fills your heart and you will willingly share it with everyone. Be as patient as possible and know that you are needing to work with the people who work with the family. Growing concerns within the family need to be kept secret, otherwise a scandal is waiting to happen.”

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