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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (September 22)

You will be tempted to give it your best shot right away. But watchfulness is the key to complete success.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for22.09.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“Question the universe and the Divine light guiding you towards an unknown consciousness which will inspire you to be happy. Contain your loss by moving away from situations. Set the rules that apply to everyone and you could end up saving yourself and your finances. Changes at the last minute are always suspicious.”

2. Taurus

“Career decisions are best made from the planning process rather than changing patterns for progress. Allow yourself some alone time to reflect on life. Take advantage of all the new opportunities opening up for you today and know that finances are growing. Constructive thoughts and ideas will keep you awake and planning.”

3. Gemini


“Change your attitude and time to complete the tasks will also bring appreciation and a heightened sense of happiness to the group involved. You are very special to the people who love you unconditionally. Be purposeful in your actions today. Characteristics of the Divine wisdom and strength are gliding through you.”

4. Cancer

“Someone close to you may also need medical help. Step out of your way to help someone with their business sides and you will be rewarded. Close the day with a prayer of gratitude so that there is renewed energy tomorrow. This is a good day to move ahead and look at all the opportunities that life has to offer.”

5. Leo

“Acting fast will spare you time to do things that you want to do. Do as much as you can do on your own, and the more upbeat you are the more you will be able to accomplish and the better will be the results. You are looking to invest your resources in the business of a friend, but your knowhow is limited to what he has shared and how much he has hidden. Be warned.”

6. Virgo

“As always there will be an overdose of intoxicants, so let there be a positive impact on all who are there with you. Contrasting personalities could end up being strong influences in your relationships becoming better. Unusual opportunities will come your way to augment your income and leave you feeling fulfilled and desirous of more.”

7. Libra

“Change your attitude towards your relationships with family and your finances will also improve. Pay attention to the messages you receive from others. If you are travelling, you are going to bring good tidings. You must use caution towards the healing realms of compassion that are unfolding for you.”

8. Scorpio

“You are a true trooper and your family will love your support and they will cherish your willingness to help. An interesting plan will help you further your finances. Someone you love will do better than you bargained with and this could put you in a negative mood. Continue to invest in the people so that you can reap the benefits of their hard work which brings laurels to all of you.”

9. Sagittarius

“Experientially you will be involved with a group of likeminded people for sustainability and green earth revolution. You will be happy to love and look after the children in the environment of your home and this is what makes you happy and supportive of family. Create a new friends group for an intellectual property sharing app.”

10. Capricorn

“Help and suggestions will be offered, putting you one step closer to victory you have been chasing. A partnership will be enhanced by positive changes. It will be difficult for people to wriggle out of their commitment to complete the work, but someone close to you will disappoint you for sure.”

11. Aquarius

“You can enjoy good times with good people. Love the light guiding your spiritual path and healing energies of compassion uplifting your abilities for progress. You are truly blessed today. Your abilities to tune into the needs and wants of another are leaving you feeling very satisfied and the others emotionally fulfilled and happy.”

12. Pisces

“Happily nesting in the heart of the family, you will find it difficult to leave home. Education and health care will be beneficial for your future financial progress. Be prepared to invest in an entertainment industry enterprise. You will be tempted to give it your best shot right away. But watchfulness is the key to complete success.”

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