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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (March 14)

Channelling your creativity and compassion for your family togetherness will leave you satisfied.”

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for14.03.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries


“You are looking to create a different and better understanding between the workforce and the management, but you are getting squashed in the bargain. There could be a strange emotional reaction from someone which can have the power to disturb your life experiences. Channelling your creativity and compassion for your family togetherness will leave you satisfied.”

2. Taurus


“Continue to express yourself with a positive attitude and happiness for your life circumstances surrounding you will become a healing vibration for all to experience. Gather your financial resources and re-evaluate the future plans for property investments and future success. Continue to be compassionate for the family members who are feeling a huge financial crunch.”

3. Gemini

“Creating new thoughts within, with a newfound strength that comes when you are completely sure, takes you to the zenith of excellence where you will be appreciated and validated for your excellence. Just spend time with your silent self and be happy. Know that some changes around you are spurring you towards new goals with enhanced capabilities.”

4. Cancer


“Gently plan a family get together with sharing of your life goals ahead with a pattern of future experiences being full of opulence and know that it will be successful. There are plenty of new opportunities coming the way that will leave you satisfied and comforted.”

5. Leo


“Decisions will have to be made, in the future journey you are seeing a valid reality but today you have to work towards it. Be patient with yourself and others who inspire your creativity. You are definitely looking forward to the new ideas to implement a great change, which will uplift the mood of all the people involved.”

6. Virgo


“The evening will be good to spend with a loved one. The truth is that you do not have the time to take on more things personally. Just when you think things are going well everything falls out of place, leaving you to clean up the mess. There will be much to look forward to with the new plan for the new project.”

7. Libra


“Previous career activities hold no value today as the world is changing so you must upgrade your skills. Just keeping silent does not help at all. There is definite remorse in your heart that you did not speak up for yourself and that your family is not working with you. You are very strongly motivated to continue with the work of the family.”

8. Scorpio


“There is a new opportunity for you to make a great new business deal and yet at the same time, you will not allow others to make a deal on the side. Consider the challenge at work as a learning curve and pursue your dreams as much as possible, so that there is no regret at the end of the day. Physically, mentally, spiritually you are motivated to engage in the activity of the heart and do charity.”

9. Sagittarius


“Old good past deeds are coming up to reorient your life. You are being supported by your family and your finances are truly getting better. There is a pause button for your work, but it will be very temporary. Financial resources are gathering speed and you will move with spiritual values intact.”

10. Capricorn


“There will be some challenges and changes beyond your control but the game will continue to work in your favour. Keep a balance between the people who work with you and their family interference. Refrain from making any permanent financial commitments.”

11. Aquarius


“Certain people may accuse you of being over sensitive but that does not really change things for you. Financial commitments will leave you feeling stronger and more committed to excellence. Gently sending art, clothes and artwork to orphanages and prayer and meditation halls.”

12. Pisces


“Financially safeguard your investments by not withdrawing or discontinuing your investment plan. Garner a lot of newfound confidence and motivation and move towards being more social. There are many out there who are always wanting more and more money but you will be able to extract yourself out of a sticky situation.”