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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (November 26)

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1. Aries


“What you hear today may be convincing but when you dig deeper, you will be awakened to much more you can do with your time and resources. Planning a new investment will thrill you no end. Just be warned that your journey to manifest success is truly here. You will appreciated but your abilities need more skill.”

2. Taurus


“Most importantly team work is the way forward for your success. Even if someone is not responding to your friendly overtures, just be patient. There is a financial balance that is going to unravel a new destiny for you in the immediate future. Be a good friend to someone who really needs you and take care of your parents.”

3. Gemini

“You are in a very fragile and emotional space, your personality and your experiences with others have not prepared you for others’ conniving life plan. Back off, is the best way forward. Continuity of work and the process of enabling others to upgrade their life is a passion for you. Continuity of grace and gratitude live in your heart.”

4. Cancer

“Trends also assist you in keeping your work on track. Significant progress at work keeps you peaceful and fulfilled with happiness and prosperity. Continuity in your life and the way you do things keeps you centred in satisfaction. There will be a special message from someone who is happy with your performance and perspective at work.”

5. Leo

“Private research at work could take you a step higher in the hierarchy of consciousness which will help you create a better understanding of the work you are collaborating in. Give your artistic and musical urges a chance and you will be rewarded with a great opportunity for your family togetherness and fun time experiences with others.”

6. Virgo


“There will be flux of activity in the evening that puts you in a much better mood. Your romantic life is also on the edge of getting better. The situation looks most encouraging on most fronts but you will be working on your responses for sure. Healing the frontiers of your work will occupy your mind but there will be little that you can do actively today.”

7. Libra


“You may be pursued by one suitor, but you are not satisfied with this attention. Self-esteem and confidence will need a boost to implement your success as you seem to be giving up. You have been getting help and support from a specific quarter but you are completely not impressed.”

8. Scorpio

“Happiness is something that will manifest but you need to focus on the needs of the hour. Pay attention to sorting out bills and coordinating with the finance department at work. You are showing signs of working into the late night and this could affect your health. A strong financial goal is looming in the horizon and you must work hard to achieve your success.”

9. Sagittarius


“Hard work and determination pay off and your mantra of doing things yourself is justified for your self-motives for improvement in life. Celebrations and enjoyment is going well with the family, but there is someone who will stick to creating trouble but sort it out for sure you will. Hard work and spending less makes a family rich.”

10. Capricorn


“Your ability to complete work in excellence makes your family and partnerships thrive. Change your self, be discreet. The heavens support those who are completely relaxed and satisfied with their own efforts and move forward to help others. Gratitude will play an important step forward in life situations that will inspire you to be happy and supportive to all.”

11. Aquarius


“There is an obstacle race that you have run and now you are being set free. Take the change with a pinch of salt and you will end up being happy. There is a new job on the horizon that you might be tempted to change your plans for. Conceptualise and concentrate on the future success of your work and life experiences will flow to make you happy.”

12. Pisces


“Creation of the Divine wisdom unfolding into your heart brings you happiness and prosperity for your life circumstances surrounding your life and your family. You will inspire others to achieve desires which you will have to take a greater interest in. Consolidate your relationships in the work place to remain happy.”

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