WPI inflation, rises to 1.32% for Sep 2020 as compared to 0.16% in Aug 2020: Govt

Written by October 14, 2020 12:21
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New Delhi: The Government of India on Wednesday said that the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation, rises to 1.32% for September 2020 as compared to 0.16% in August 2020.

In September last year, it was 0.33 per cent. Food inflation jumped from 4.07 per cent in August to 6.92 per cent in September while manufactured products inflation moved to 1.61 per cent from 1.27 per cent in August. The index for primary articles increased by 2.73 per cent to 150.3 in September from 146.3 in August. The rices of food articles (3.7 per cent), crude petroleum and natural gas (1.41 per cent) and minerals (0.12 per cent) increased as compared to August.

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But the prices of non-food articles declined by 0.94 per cent. The index for fuel and power declined by 0.44 per cent to 91 from 91.4 in August.


The index for manufactured products with a weightage of 64.23 per cent increased by 0.42 per cent to 119.8 in September 119.3 in the previous month.


The food index consisting of food articles from primary articles group and food products from manufactured products group increased from 153.3 in August to 157.6 in September.