According to the analysis, dating app Tinder beat streaming service Netflix to claim the top revenue spot for the quarter.

India retained its top spot on remittances with 79 billion dollars followed by China (67 billion dollars), Mexico (36 billion dollars), the Philippines (34 billion dollars) and Egypt (29 billion dollars).

US President Donald Trump has said that US and China are close to striking a monumental trade deal in the next four weeks. He said, the two sides, have negotiated some of the toughest points, but there are still some ways to go.

Donald Trump has said that trade deal with China was getting very close and could be announced in about four weeks, but warned it would be difficult to let China keep trading with the United States if remaining issues were not resolved.

Days after accusing China of breaching the median line in Taiwan Strait, Taiwan on Tuesday stated it is "determined to deal with any reckless military adventure by the bully across the Taiwan Strait," according to the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both Beijing and Washington are engaged in intense negotiations in the wake of a trade dispute, which would've originally seen the United States substantively increase tariffs on Chinese goods from March 1.

Practising Islam is illegal in some pockets of China. People caught fasting, praying, growing a beard or wearing a hijab attract arrest in the nation.

On Wednesday, India's anti-satellite weapon A-SAT successfully destroyed a satellite on a low earth orbit, joining a group of three countries - the US, Russia and China - with such capability.

Tibet's modern industry started from scratch and has grown steadily, the white paper said, adding that Tibet's industrial added value increased from 15 million yuan in 1959 to 11.45 billion yuan in 2018.

Asia-Pacific deal value rose to USD 165 billion in 2018, exceeding the all-time high of USD 159 billion of a year earlier and 48 percent greater than the 2013- 17 average.