Afghanistan on Friday declared a lockdown in the capital Kabul in an effort to stem the spread of the virus. All public and private offices and markets except supplying essential products remained closed until further notice.

The US has been negotiating with the Taliban in the last few months at Doha despite the group's reluctance to hold direct talks with the Afghan government, which it views as a US puppet.

The Afghan government also questioned Pakistan's action to deploy tens of thousands of military troops on its western frontier. "There is no threat from Afghanistan to Pakistan. The Afghan government sees no credible reason for Pakistan to maintain tens of thousands of military troops on its western frontier," the statement read.

According to an Afghan-based journalist Bilal Sarwary, it was a Hazara wedding which was targeted by a suicide bomber.

"It was a suicide attack. The attacker detonated his explosives in the wedding hall for men. There are casualties and fatalities in big numbers.', multiple guests at the wedding that was attacked tonight in Kabul's PD6 tells me," Sarwary tweeted.

If I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth, it would be gone, it would be over in, literally, in 10 days

The Taliban's terrorist attack near the Football Federation today in Kabul showcases the group's inherent criminal nature. We will not be deterred by such outrage to pursue and punish the miscreants. Well done to our heroic security forces for punishing them hard in recent months

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Both the attackers were killed in a clearance operation, as per Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for Ministry of Interior Affairs quoted by TOLOnews.

The attack took place at a commemoration ceremony of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, a former jihadi leader in PD 13 area in the western part of the city, according to Afghan media reports.

New Delhi: The death toll soared to 15 in the car bomb attack in Kabul that targeted London-based Security contractor...