Congress leader alleged that the result of NDA's GST is that for the first time, the Central government is unable to give money to States collected through tax.

He said that the country will not be able to provide employment to its youth for the first time in its history in the coming six to seven months.

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The resolve to boost domestic manufacturing through the vocal for local strategy is commendable. It will not only give a fillip to local industry but will also harness country’s diversity which lays hidden in the numerous towns and villages.

Javadekar said that the Central government has recognized the importance of MSMEs and the sector has been made an important part of the announcements made under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Subordinate debt is a debt owed to an unsecured creditor that in the event of liquidation can only be paid after the claims of secured creditors have been met.

Nearly four lakh MSME owners came together to upscale their businesses creating a new world record for the largest online business lesson with Dr Vivek Bindra.

Across the world, stimulus responses vary from 1% of GDP to 12% of GDP as of now. Rich countries seem to have announced larger stimulus packages (5 to 10%) while poor countries have announced smaller packages (2 to 5%).