The photos of Muslim women have been uploaded on ‘Bulli Bai’ App, hosted on GitHub and has sparked major controversy. This comes almost 6 months after Sulli Deals ignited a major row as Muslim women were referred with a derogatory term.

Google’s Doodle for this year is comparatively plain and much sober than what we have seen in the previous years.

According to GSM Arena, today a purported promo video for the device leaked in China and it brings the revelation of the supposed exact announcement date.

Many apps offers animated as well as customized features where you can form stickers using your known imagination. 

Apart from the Doodle, search results for 'New Year's Eve' are equally interesting, as there appears a party horn on the top of the web page.

Since it is undoubtedly a laborious process to track it all, hence we have made a roundup of some of the most innovative gadgets that came out in 2021.

It won't be surprising to see a teaser in Jan with some key features like a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and another Hasselblad partnership.

The telescope will answer questions about the solar system, study exoplanets in new ways and look deeper into the universe than we've ever been able to.

NHTSA is also conducting an investigation of Tesla's driver-assistance Autopilot feature following a range of crashes involving Tesla vehicles.