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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 31)

You need to take a step forward and take a short break to spend time alone with family and resurrect your fledgling business.





1. Aries


“Your mind is very strong today and it keeps you going and recreating your destiny. You might rush into a battle to sort it out but will get entangled personally. There are people out there who could personally support you and resonate in the same spiritual and intuitive realm, so just relax.”

2. Taurus


“Knowing a little bit more about your near ones keeps you up beat and a new connection develops that is very important and beneficial for your future. Be sure that you have a clear glimpse of all the things that you need to complete today. Harnessing the financials is the most important task and it has the power to either make you a great success or ruin your mood and day.”

3. Gemini


“Gathering a good fortune for your family has been a lifelong mission and now it is time to get some for the self. Feeling left out at a social event could be an upsetting experience for some of you. Terrifying weather reports and some sad news could have the power to unnerve you.”

4. Cancer


“However it will take a few weeks to make things stable. Relax and reflect on all the good things in your life. This is the time for adventure and hiking and biking. Some of you could be prone to stomach upsets and injuries. Tie a black thread in your right ankle for three weeks for protection.”

5. Leo


“Gathering your thoughts on the work ahead with negotiations ahead with some important changes being reworked, will continue with the work and make you famous today. Move ahead with a new commitment to not leave your work unfinished, business venture ahead is full of promises as well.”

6. Virgo


“It is almost impossible that you cannot achieve it. You will be applauded for your success. You will be able to get the message of love across if you like somebody. There are plenty of good opportunities for your family to achieve success and you will be seen helping them surely.”

7. Libra


“You will be able to help family, move some things with your family and create a comfortable environment for their financial needs. Chances are many of you will get some money or you will get a windfall and your future journey with the financial betterment will inspire you to take a mature decision.”

8. Scorpio


“Flowering and budding romances for some of you could be turning into long term commitments. Celebrations and financial extravagance and expenditure could lead to a worrisome future. You are solidly protected by an elder, so feel safe and walk ahead with confidence.”

9. Sagittarius


“Conflicting news and thoughts have the power to disturb you and your day plan. Just stay with the work and know that you are not responsible for anything else. Your family is supportive in your moments of stress and meditation and prayers will see you through the journey of life.”

10. Capricorn


“You are in a strange space, where working hard satisfies you but your family is expecting better things for you and through you for themselves. You need to take a step forward and take a short break to spend time alone with family and resurrect your fledgling business.”

11. Aquarius


“As you move into a strong connection with your life circumstances surrounding your life, know that your future is secure and safe. Love is always a way to show your creativity and consciousness of love is to do things for others. Play your destiny card to secure your future with the family.”

12. Pisces


“Just as you move forward with the work, there will be someone trying to do it differently. Investments or a short plan for a new project will keep you busy and your occupation will irritate someone. Stay at home, spend time with family and look out for a spiritual energy of togetherness that keeps everyone safe.”

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