With just 7 cases, Uttar Pradesh logs lowest ever daily Covid case count

With the recovery of as many as 16,86,712 people from the Covid-19 infection, the state’s recovery rate has jumped to 98.7 percent.

Written by September 27, 2021 21:36
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New Delhi: In a giant leap towards eliminating coronavirus, Uttar Pradesh on Monday witnessed the steepest decline in the number of fresh cases as the state limited the infections to 7, making it the lowest single-day tally.

The most populous state, in a sharp contrast to major other states which are significantly lesser in terms of population such as Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu has been successfully taming the raging disease. Where the other states have been witnessing a greater surge of fresh Covid-19 infections (daily cases ranging from 20,000-2,000), Uttar Pradesh has restricted the daily-case count below 50 for 47 days in a row.

The downward trajectory of the virus has continued for the consecutive eleventh week, testifying the success of numerous proactive measures implemented by the state government.

Consequently, Uttar Pradesh, pushing the Covid graph southwards, has maintained the daily Covid test positivity rate (TPR) — the number of positive cases against the total tests done — at 0.01 percent, the lowest in the country.

No fresh cases reported from 71 districts

This rate was at its highest at 16.84 percent on April 24 and now remains even lower than the lowest post first wave of covid-19.
Despite aggressive tracing and testing, Uttar Pradesh’s positivity rate —which shows the level of infections among people — has been registering a steady decline for several days indicating signs that the dangerous Covid wave is receding from the state, in contrast to which states like Kerala have failed to register any reduction and have a positivity rate of 15 percent.

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The Active Caseload in the most populous state now stands at 176 which has been brought down by over a remarkable 99 percent from its peak capped at 3,10,783 cases on April 30.

With the recovery of as many as 16,86,712 people from the Covid-19 infection, the state’s recovery rate has jumped to 98.7 percent.

With Highest Testing, Highest Recovery Rate and Lowest Test Positivity Rate, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a clear winner in combating coronavirus as the state’s covid condition shows a healthier picture in comparison to all other states.

No Active Covid-19 cases in 31 UP Districts

Implementing measures such as the intensive ‘Trace, Test & Treat’ and prevention through vaccination and Partial Corona Curfews to decimate the pandemic, the UP government worked with a multipronged approach to minimise its devastating impact.
In another major relief, no cases of fresh infections were reported from 71 districts of the state. Uttar Pradesh is rapidly moving towards being coronavirus-free as active and fresh Covid-19 cases in as many as 31 districts have declined to zero.

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