Some researchers also believe that the loss of nerve impulses from the ear to the brain, and loss of cognitive ability leading to dementia, could be part of the same aging process.

To overcome the mental stress, "squeeze your fist and tighten your muscles. Hold till the count of 5, take deep breaths and as you release the fist imagine yourself letting go of the negative emotions,"

Researchers investigated long-term prospects using questionnaire studies. They interviewed over 800 people about their use of Facebook, their tendency to compare themselves with others, their self-esteem and the occurrence of depressive symptoms.

As the book named ‘Real Stories of Dealing with Depression’ suggests, the book gives first-hand account of nine such depression patients.

Another surprising finding was that the associations were stronger in women than in men, suggesting that women may be particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of sleep-disordered breathing.

The study showed that a shortage of serotonin in the neurons of the gut can cause constipation, just as a serotonin shortage in the brain can lead to depression.

Women who worked extra long hours, more than 55 hours a week, had 7.3 per cent more depressive symptoms than women working a standard 35-40 hours a week.

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