If follow any politician on social media you can easily see leaders posting their day to day routine or giving updates about their campaign or policies.

Facebook will also roll out a setting to allow people to choose how an advertiser can reach them with a Custom Audience from a list. The new features will roll out in the first quarter of 2020 with political ads control starting early this summer in the US. 

As described on its official blog, Facebook will remove manipulated media if it has been edited to mislead; it is a product of artificial intelligence or machine learning that alters content in a video to make it appear authentic.

The restriction order was issued on December 27 after seven navy personnel and a hawala operator from Mumbai were arrested leaking sensitive information through social media platforms in an espionage racket allegedly linked to Pakistan that was busted on December 20.

With the new update, users will require to have a Facebook account to chat with friends using Messenger, VentureBeat notes.

Facebook's plan behind stitching the technical infrastructure of the messaging services it owns is to allow its 2.7 billion users seamlessly communicate across the platforms.

The photo transfer tool will come with support for Google Photos in its initial phase. It is rolling out today and will be first available to people in Ireland, with worldwide availability in the first half of 2020.

TikTok ranks at number three when it comes to the most downloaded non-gaming app of the year. WhatsApp continues to be the top app, followed by Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram at second, fourth, and fifth spot respectively.

TechCrunch spotted the option called Shortcut Bar Settings to remove tabs from the navigation bar, such as Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Event, Profile, News Friend Requests, Today In, and Gaming and Dating. There's also an option to mute the annoying red notification dots.

The messaging platform said that it had reached out to the people who were targetted but declined to reveal the identities and "exact number" of those who were targeted.