Facebook denied the reports and blamed a bug, which it said it was correcting, for triggering what it described as false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that so far as pre-publication restraint is concerned, there is a law laid down in some case way back in 1891.

Facebook Campus will have new profiles, separate from those that users already have on the main platform. To create a Campus profile, students would require to provide college email address and graduation year.

Facebook, the social media giant is imposing a limit on message forwards to foil the efforts of bad actors aiming to cause chaos and undermine accurate information.

Earlier, the Congress leader had alleged that the BJP has a hold over WhatsApp and said the platform now needs the approval of the Central government to launch its payment services in India.

Commenting on Dubey, Tharoor alleged that he has brought the Committee's work into disrepute.

Patra said that for the Congress party and Rahul, "India, Indian institutions and democracy mean nothing. It is just family, family and family."

Earlier on Sunday, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had accused the BJP and the RSS of controlling the Facebook and Whatsapp in the country.

On the basis of a report published in an American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, Rahul Gandhi has alleged that Facebook and WhatsApp are controlled by BJP and RSS in India.

"Losers who cannot influence people even in their own party keep cribbing that the entire world is controlled by BJP & RSS. You were caught red-handed in alliance with Cambridge Analytica & Facebook to weaponise data before the elections & now have the gall to question us?" Ravi Shankar Prasad said.