This came days after the Government banned 59 apps, mostly Chinese including TikTok, UC News and CamScanner amid the standoff with China.

The company also will add a section to the Facebook app that features stories from black people, fundraisers for causes fighting racial injustice, and educational resources, Sandberg said.

As per TechCrunch, the feature is aimed to keep users inside the social media platform window even when they are looking for factual information that they otherwise would have looked for at Google or Wikipedia.

This feature was introduced in US and Canada in April this year and now it is all set to be introduced to Indian users.

The new feature will allow users to transfer pictures, videos, and other media to their Google Photos accounts with just a click.

The users can access the tool by visiting the 'Your Facebook Information' menu from the settings of the medium and then selecting the option of 'Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.'

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As per the social media tech company, the feature is meant "to make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today."

Badges will begin testing next month with a small group of creators and businesses. Over the coming months, it will expand across the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico.

Washington D.C. [USA]: Through a live-streamed town hall, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced that many of the employees...