Many such cases have been reported in recent past, where people either fainted or collapsed mid-way to home and most of these happened during exercise.

Pak govt is sending second-hand PPE kits to hospitals in PoK. This reminds of the same inhuman treatment meted out to Pakistan by its bellwether ally China, which supplied it masks made of undergarments.

The land levelling work for Ram temple began today. Keeping in line with the guidelines to contain the spread of Coronavirus, all preventive measure were undertaken including social distancing, sanitisation and masks.

As Jain Monk Pramansagar reached Banda, Sagar district along with 20 of his followers, a large number of people took to the streets to welcome him on Tuesday

Various strategies to bring investments into India in a fast-track mode and to promote Indian domestic sectors were discussed.

This was the fourth such interaction of the Prime Minister with the Chief Ministers, the earlier ones had been held on March 20, April 2, and April 11.

Prime Minister said that we have to give importance to the economy as well as continue the fight against COVID -19.

A pandemic myth that claims consuming high-strength alcohol can kill the virus is false and can lead to fatal health consequences.

As a last resort, homemade masks are "better than nothing,. They're more effective at "keeping the germ in than keeping the germ out."

Extended use of masks is preferred over re-use. It is appropriate for team members following this extended use guidance to remove PPE during breaks and lunch periods.