30 key Tour Operators and Tourism Stake holders from Assam were present in the Road Show for B2B interaction with the tour operators of Maharashtra and other states for the promotion of tourism products of Assam.

The goats cannot digest the nuts. Instead, they strip away the skin, devour the pulp, and swallow the nut whole. The nut then passes through the goats’ digestive systems, softening in the process, before being passed in the excrement. The nuts can then be gathered and ground to produce argan oil.

Researchers investigated long-term prospects using questionnaire studies. They interviewed over 800 people about their use of Facebook, their tendency to compare themselves with others, their self-esteem and the occurrence of depressive symptoms.

The wreckage of the crashed jet was later found in a remote mountainous zone of Mexico, the government of Mexico's Coahuila state, said in a statement.

Girls students at the varsity staged a protest here on Tuesday after the warden of the on-campus hostel allegedly asked them to strip in order to check who was menstruating and could have dumped a used sanitary pad in the toilet.

New Delhi: A new research revealed that 66 percent of Indians see travel as a potential opportunity to earn a living...