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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (October 3)

Stay and understand, and then begin to heal again.




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Healing Enthusiasm!

Healing chakras.

Be the light Frontiers.

Allow Love to spread.

The vibrational signatures of our soul self are healing and always resounding with the informational imprints on our soul. Our culture, our society, our energy systems, our family, our ancestors and our inheritance of all lifetimes influence our life and our decisions make our destiny. Our perceptions and reception of new ideas coordinate our responses and our choices. Every event of our life is stored in thought form in our subconscious mind. These thoughts run our lives, our choices, our chakra healing energies, our aura and energetic field responses and the final result of what we chose to do. We are always responding with our own personal experiences and choices. Stay and understand, and then begin to heal again. Healing hugs of radiating light. Love from the help tuning in from the universe.


The healing soul depends on the heart of a harmonic resonance which is an individual sound that is our own personal signature coming down through lifetimes. A composition that is personal by Divine design. Let’s dip into this reservoir of knowledge.

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