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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (April 16)

You are in harmony with your inner and outer self.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 16.04.2021 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Expanding myths and legacy have the power to confuse you as you pursue a new way of spiritually living and looking after nature around you. You have been worrying about your financial situations, connected to most anything, but eventually you will be rewarded with success.”


astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Demanding and interfering others are not on your list of good people. You will be very actively associating with lots of events that will keep you busy the whole day. The artistic orientation in all you do will bring new people into your creativity centre. You will be in the limelight with the family and friends.”

3. Gemini

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Moving to a new template of execution of your work will be inspirational for others as well. You will be travelling and it could also be just a short trip, but you will gain a lot of happiness from knowing that your work is being appreciated. Step out of your comfort zone to assist another and see the unlimited rewards flowing into your life.”

4. Cancer

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Getting and gaining your strength for wellness and happiness will be a hard task today. Careful planning in all your actions brings a completely satisfying result. Be patient as far as business deals are concerned. Affairs connected to siblings will be something that you will need to help with.”

5. Leo

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Exploring the destiny of the self you will feel withdrawn from people today as you are searching your heart for relationships of greater value. You continue to rule and distribute adequately for wellness in the future journey ahead. There are some new avenues of work opening up in your consciousness which you will definitely take forward.”

6. Virgo

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Continuous improvement of the work leaves you exhilarated and enthusiastic. Happy and loving will be the atmosphere at home that leaves you energised. This is a good day full of respect and valued friendships. A good time also to validate and present your ideas. Consider other people’s opinion before you take decisions as there may be a strong benefit hiding in their advice or plans.”

7. Libra

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Normally you have a good idea about how the work begins and ends but today there could be some brain fog that keeps you from making quick and right decisions. You could be exuding an energy of complete charm but this could end up making you over confident, which could end up making you snappy or even losing your temper.”

8. Scorpio

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Continue to excel in all you do and know that there is a huge financial reward waiting for you over the next few weeks. Work diligently and stay away from sentimentality. You will spend time connecting with old friends and acquaintances for generating new work frontiers.”

9. Sagittarius

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Mentally you could end up being aggressive but your heart is full of compassion for helping others to overcome obstacles. You are truly extremely positive, as the atmosphere at home is full of a compatible energy of power to get things completed. You are in harmony with your inner and outer self.”

10. Capricorn

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Allowing others to interfere in your work shows lack of self-esteem and confidence. Surrendering to the bosses and doing things the way they want will be the best way forward. Consolidate your finances and work schedule for your time is going to be very busy. Be sure to pray or meditate daily.”

11. Aquarius

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Beautifully orchestrated by your family, you will end up paying for an expensive holiday or event. Considering that the time of your destiny and new patterns unfolding of the day are going through changes of new avenues opening, to create a phenomenal success. Be careful with all you promise as you will have to see it all through till the end.”

12. Pisces

astro, astrology, horoscope, zodiac sign

“Brisk monetary gains are in the now, which are the highest in your pocket and increasing your financial potential in the now. In fact you need to help your family help you make your decisions. Act according to the self-confidence and be prepared to know your plans may go according to the plan.”