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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (December 16)

There is a huge reservoir of good fortune energy, but there is a new chance to take care of your health, happiness and prosperity.

Aura Guidance for 16.12.2023 (all 12 signs)


1. Aries

Aries “Your dilemma to settle down will make you work hard and effectively achieve your station in life. There are many things from the past that are coming up in your consciousness, and the best is to let go of all the memories with a strong desire for happiness. Try to do the responsible thing today, one distraction after another with friends keeps you from fulfilling your goals at work.”


2. Taurus

Taurus“You will be very happy to move away from the limelight to complete your daily routine and charge yourself with the energy of wisdom coming from completed work. Positive developments coming from your good health and freedom from stress leave you rejoicing with your family.”

3. Gemini

Gemini“You might want to travel, you can do so at any time. Good professional progress and advancement of your plans leaves you looking for more such opportunities. Career and business are indicated to leave you happy and moving towards progress. Be persuasive in bringing family members together.”


4. Cancer

Cancer “Think carefully and plan your work wisely as there will be an influx in the work and this leaves you with very little time for the self or family. Your aura has a very silvery hue which indicates new work opportunities. Financial outlook continues to be very good. Romantic matters do not look so encouraging.”


5. Leo

Leo“You might find that you are buying and accumulating things that you do not need. What you have and what you do not have, or do to get it will remain in focus today. What makes you feel wanted and comfortable is your work and its success. There will be a strong collective commitment and collaboration in a project that goes well.”

6. Virgo

Virgo“This is also a time to pursue business goals, keeping your partners or business associates to be entertained and kept completely happy. Your customers or work associates will need to be kept perfectly happy so that you are not bogged down by unhappy or rattled associations.”


7. Libra

Libra“You will take some important and big decisions related to your work. If single, then this is also an important day to make your decisions and plans complete. Completely devoted to your spiritual consciousness which will inspire happiness is what you are truly looking for. Stay with family and spend time reassuring them that you love them.”

8. Scorpio

Scorpio“Changing your mind at the last minute will only result in bad blood, whether at work or personal life’s work. Long walks and some exercise will let you remain healthy and strong. Yoga, meditation and long walks will help in keeping you stress free. There is a possibility for some of you to win awards in a competition / sports event or even a financial investment opportunity.”

9. Sagittarius

“You find yourself at your most imaginative and take things at work forward with a deep sense of responsibility. There is definitely something that delays your progress but success is imminent. Confirm your progress with the bosses and know that all is well in your journey with the light guiding your work path.”

10. Capricorn

Capricorn“This is a good time to speak up and get people to pay attention to what you feel. There is a sense of excitement in all you do today. Be patient with your heart desires as they will be shortly fulfilled. Move in the direction that seems most promising at the moment. Changing your mindset is to your advantage in the long run.”

11. Aquarius

Aquarius “An elderly relative will need help financially and medically. You will be honoured to reciprocate in the now. Challenges with government agencies are also coming to an end. Consolidated relationships with some associates and revenue generation, and a complete new plan to move ahead today creates work internationally and nationally.”

12. Pisces

Pisces“There will be plenty of opportunities to save. Prove your intent to yourself by taking new charge. You have been seeing some hiccups in your financial destiny, and today you will be reassured that things are in control. There is a huge reservoir of a good fortune energy, but there is a new chance to take care of your health, happiness and prosperity.”