The claims looked suspicions in first look and when we probed it further, we found it to be totally fake and false claim.

The INR 22 crore initiative provides capital and technical support to Indian enterprises working on clean energy-based livelihoods solutions.

The Union Power Ministry has written to states, asking them to reduce tariffs in view of the implementation of pre-payment arrangement for procuring power by distribution companies (discoms).

Education minister, Prabhuram Choudhary, who himself has been a part of the delegation which visited South Korea, said that the Kamal Nath government was committed to solving the problems of education sector in the state.

The viral video comes even as Pakistan's economic situation continues to be in doldrums and countries such as China, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have given bailout packages to the cash-strapped country in a bid to tackle its ballooning balance-of-payments crisis.

Those who have bills up to 210 unit will now look at using a little less so that their electricity bill comes within the 200 unit range for which they are required to pay nothing. This will in fact help in saving electricity. Further, the subsidy will approximately remain the same to Rs 1800 crore to Rs 2000 crore and no substantial rise is expected in it," said Kejriwal.

Digital technologies will create new types of work at the same time as they act as substitutes for labour. Repetitive tasks performed by both low- and high-skilled labour will likely be automated. Technology adoption may further increase income inequality by increasing demand for high-skill labour and suppressing wages for low-skill labour.

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