Sundar Pichai

As businesses and political leaders are eagerly waiting for a vaccine, it is highly likely that most firms would soon follow the footsteps of Google and make such decisions in the days to come.

This move is significant as it comes in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and as multinational companies across the world look at alternative investment destinations.

"I was delighted to know more about the efforts of Google in several sectors, be it in education, learning, Digital India, furthering digital payments and more," he said in another tweet.

The action will also pause some H2-B visas for seasonal workers, with an exception for those in the food-processing industry.

Google may allow more employees to come to the office by September this year, until buildings reach about 30 percent capacity.

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The CEO wrote that a cautious approach is needed to strike a balance between potential harms and social opportunities.

Pichai has become the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. He will assume the role of managing Alphabet's investment in its portfolio of Other Bets. Pichai will remain a member of Alphabet's Board of Directors.

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