Viral Check

There is no truth in ‘Railways privatisation’ claim and thus it falls flat. There is indeed hike in platform ticket prices at Pune railway station but it’s temporary and has no connect with privatization claim.

A Facebook user named Jitendra Kumar Sharma shared a post on August 19, in which he posted images of 5 young men holding liquor bottles to their chest and body.

"According to doctors, if COVID-19 is hit by steam from the nose, the corona can be eradicated. Everyone should start a steam campaign," claimed a FB post.

According to the researchers, mouthwash can break the outer fatty layer of the virus, thus deactivating it. However, they have only done limited test-tube and clinical studies and have yet to explore the effectiveness of the existing mouthwashes.

Newsroompost did some research and we found out that this claim along with the photos to be misleading.

Newsroompost did some research and we found out that this claim is absolutely false. Actually this picture is from Bangladesh.

Union Public Service Commission, UPSC has rejected claims made in a news report which stated that applicants appearing for Civil Services Prelims examination this year will have to get tested for COVID-19.

PIB was quick to reject his claims, which tweeted, “The photo is of a private Dreamliner model by Boeing 787 and not of PM's aircraft.”

The anticipation around CBSE results are at all-time high. Nearly 18 lakh students have appeared in class 10 CBSE board examinations.